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Why you’re here.

You’re here, because there’s something deep inside you calling you. Calling you to rise. To be seen. To be who you truly are. From the inside out. To be and express yourself authentically. To live and lead unapologetically and powerfully. To have an impact.  In your life, your work….you dreams, your aspirations.

Who and how you are

Like many of us though, you don’t always listen to your soul’s inner wisdom and whispers. Your heart’s flutters and beats, your gut’s murmurs and rumbles. Like many of my clients when they first come to coaching (and admittedly sometimes me too), you often rely on your brain’s wisdom to do all the heavy lifting trying to figure everything out” – rather than capitalizing on and integrating, ALL of the wisdom available to you from a compassionate heart, creative head, courageous gut and all-knowing soul.

Sometimes you do listen to your inner wisdom and guidance.

And when you do, life is magic. Isn’t it?

What you know

You know who you are because you’ve done some personal and professional development work over the years. The kind of work that has you see deep inside yourself, to know who you truly are, what your unique gifts and talents are, what you really really want to create in your life, and how to grow and get to where you wish to be.

Sometimes though, like all of us, you find yourself a little bit (or a lot) off path. Life happens and you lose touch with yourself.  You forget who you are, or outgrow who you are, or maybe you just lose sight of yourself and your dreams for a moment, and then another – until you find yourself out of sync with your soul. That’s often when you reach out to me.

What you want

Sometimes, you need a little support getting back on path. You know who you are, you know what you want. But something in life has happened. You’ve gotten off path, and you just need a little support and guidance to make your way Back to You before you get to far off. And you want to do this in an effective, organic, quick and tailored to you way. (Back to You: a Thriving Leader Program)

Sometimes you seek help knowing clearly what your innate gifts and talents are. Your unique passions and interests. Your freakishly cool leadership superpowers, and how to wield them. Your heart’s truest desires, and how you can realize them. Your next best career move, and how best to make that move. (a Fresh Start or a Thriving Leader / Fresh Start blend might be just what you’re looking for.)

Sometimes, your work or life have imploded. Life has gotten super crazy busy and your life / work balance is way out of whack. It’s taking everything you have to keep yourself (and your family, your work, your team, your leadership…) going and growing in a sustainable, fun and effective way.

Heck, let’s face it, you might even be having a mini melt down right now.

Trust me, you’re not alone. And you’re probably entitled. We’ve all been there at some point and time in our life and career. (And we will be again because that’s just the way life is.)

Your Job

When something like this happens to you (life event, falling off path, etc….) your job is to use all of your resources and all of the tools available to you to slowly and gently bring yourself back into harmony, back into flow, back “home to you” and back to being and leading in ways that work really well for you.

This is often when many of you reach out and apply for your custom tailored Thriving Leader program to get back into balance and rhythm, back on path; or you schedule a Career Harmony Check Up for a quick check-in and tune-up. Both options are great for new or returning clients. (Returning clients will receive a special discount in a limited number of program spots in 2017.)

How I can Help

My goal is to continue sharing and growing as a leader right alongside you – because bottom line – we’re all traveling this path of life, career and soul growth together.  (And why go it alone when you can do it in the company of other wise hearted leaders like you?)

So I encourage you to stay a while and explore my business “garden”. Because I built this site for you. Here you’ll find all the ways I can help you thrive in your life and career. You’ll find new programs, services, tools, this blog – and plenty of luscious and nourishing Mother Nature too!

Don’t forget to download your TLC Virtual gift bag. A welcome gift when you join the Thriving Leader Community. Inside you’ll find all sorts of tools and goodies designed to help you thrive in your life and career.

Stay tuned my Thriving Leaders!


If you’re ready for new growth in your life and career and would like to go even deeper, I invite you to apply for a Let’s Get Growing! Discovery Session – a gift from me to you. Private clients click here. Corporate clients click here.

Returning clients will receive deep discounts in 2017 on a limited number of spots in Fresh Start, Thriving Leader, Soul Cycles and Career Harmony.

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