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I don’t just coach executives. I grow Thriving Leaders.

My passion is helping professionals and leaders like you discover and embrace your unique gifts and talents and grow careers that are meaningful, authentic and in harmony with who you are and the life you want to live. All so that you can achieve the professional and personal outcomes and impact you desire. And really, what could be better than that?

Highly Customized. Integrated Wisdom. Clear-cut Actions. Life-Altering Results.

As a seasoned Executive & Career Coach with a solid corporate background in Finance and Human Resources (official bio here), I’ve coached hundreds of high potential organizational executives, leaders and individual contributors who, like you, live and lead in fast moving, high tech, metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York.

No matter your industry – high tech, bio tech, financial services and more – or the business unit you lead or are working in, I know what it takes to thrive in your life and advance your career.

Tailored to You

My work is not cookie cutter; it’s personally tailored to custom fit you.  And it includes unique cutting edge tools to help you access your inner wisdom for more powerful decision-making, aligned purposeful action taking and to grow and lead your life and career with greater ease, influence, confidence and joy.

“If you are wondering about hiring a coach, don’t hesitate.  No matter where you are or what you need – working on yourself is worth it. And doing the work with Andrea is definitely worth it.”

David H. Dancer, Executive Vice President of Marketing, TELEFLORA

Intimate Incubator

My programs are a safe and confidential space – an intimate incubator – where you will try on new ways of being and leading and get crystal clear on your vision & goals, on your unique career DNA and on the jobs, career paths and/or leadership growth and development tactics that match.

Many happy clients experience greater life/work balance, find or forge new and aligned jobs or careers, grow as leaders, are promoted, and evolve their soul as a result of our work together.

Sow and  Cultivate

Bottom line – here’s what I know: To be happy in your life and career – you need to know yourself really well, and then, you need to love your work, love your life, and proactively lead and grow them both.  For a lifetime. Because once you start – you don’t stop.  Instead, you keep sowing and cultivating the seeds of your dreams in the fertile ground and garden of your soul. And every year, come harvest, you will reap the rewards of having the career you dream of growing in harmony with the life you desire. For a lifetime.

Ready to Grow?
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Nourish and nurture the leader in you!

Receive Self Care Spark (practice), Breathing Break (meditation) and Nature Nuggets (inspiration) when you join the Thriving Leader Community and download your free TLC Virtual Gift Bag.

Job and Career Transition for Private Clients

Get crystal clear on your unique career DNA and the job and career choices that match.  Learn how to run an effective job search (or promotion process) and make your career move in the most aligned and authentic way to who you are and the life you want to live.
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Leadership and Career Growth for Private Clients

Discover and develop aligned new ways of being and leading, new skills and competencies, new behaviors and approaches, new tools and techniques, and new habits and practices – all of which support you in becoming the Thriving Leader you are innately meant to be.
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Executive Leadership Development for Corporate Clients

Develop new ways of leading, new skills and competencies, new behaviors and approaches, new tools and techniques, and new habits and practices – all of which support an executive to advance their career, grow in their organization and become the thriving executive they are innately meant to be.
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Personalized Annual Goal Planning System

A tailored to you planning system that teaches you how to harmonize and grow with the natural cycles and energies of life throughout the year.  This will help you plant and tend to your “dream seeds” with intention and harvest your results in an organic, “unique-to-you” way.
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Career Strategy & Planning Session

Open to new and returning clients, this two to three hour tailored-to-you session can include high level guidance on: developing your career and leadership, annual goal setting and action planning, transitioning your job/career, grooming for promotion, overcoming blocks and barriers, building confidence, making wise decisions, reviewing resume/other collateral, preparing for interviews, annual reviews and other critical career conversations.
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My work is dedicated to creating harmonious, deeply satisfying, and rewarding lives and careers for leaders and professionals using an organic integrated approach that empowers you to discover, embody and express your innate gifts, talents and resources in the world.

With warmth and wisdom,


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