Wisdom Workout

If you’re like me, you get a bunch of emails every day from folks and the lists you’re on.

If you want to give your wisdom a workout

AND mindfully clean out your inbox

AND have a little fun, practice the following exercise.

One Round:

  1. Capture the subject headers of a few (1-3) of those subscriber list emails.
  2. These become your questions
  3. Be with each question
  4. Access your wisdom to ANSWER
  5. Journal what you receive
  6. Delete each email as you go without opening/reading
  7. Enjoy!

Here’s what this activity and practice looked like for me today:

Q: The Secret to Being More Productive

A: Let go of it having to be perfect.

Q: The 1 Mealtime Mistake That’s Making You Gain Weight

A: Not being as present as I can with my food when eating .  Slow down and savor.

Q: Is It Time to Recalibrate?

A: Nope. Just go. Just flow.

How fun is this? Found myself looking forward to the next email, and feeling really good with my cleansing deletes. (Because sometimes, you’ve just got to trust your inner you.)

Now you try! (would love to see some of your wisdomisms in the comments below!)

And stay tuned my Thriving Leaders for further Wisdom Workouts to come.

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