Whether you are:

  • An emerging leader at the start of your career or in a new leadership role
  • A midlevel / midcareer leader keen on growing into your next level of leadership within (or possibly outside of) your organization, or
  • A senior and/or executive leader seeking to grow and evolve your life and career, keep your leadership skills fresh, your business thriving, and your work life in balance and harmony

… you’ve come to the right place.

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My passion is helping leaders like you have the career you dream of in harmony with the life you desire, in a way that is fulfilling, sustainable and authentic to you.

Does one or more of the following describe you?

  • Consumed by work, with your work-life out of balance
  • Stressed, anxious, worried, burned out and/or feeling pressured as your new daily “normal”
  • Unfulfilled, stagnant or stuck in your work, career path and/or your personal life
  • Lacking clarity on what you truly want, and/or how to actually obtain it
  • Feeling that you’re not making the impact or influencing at the level you’re capable of
  • Wanting to grow as a leader but not quite sure what skills and competencies to develop or how
  • Feeling a little lonely at the top, and perhaps even some self-doubt despite your many accomplishments
  • Taking care of everyone else first – including your organization, your family, your community and your friends – at the expense of yourself and your own well-being.

If so, Thriving Leader programs are designed specifically for you.

Thriving Leader programs are safe intimate incubators where you can breathe deep and get back to what’s most important to you. Here you’ll discover aligned new ways of of being and leading, new skills and approaches, new tools and techniques, new habits and practices – all of which support you to be the Thriving Leader you are innately meant to be.

As a Thriving Leader, you will experience:

  • Greater ease, peace of mind, energy and flow
  • A fully aligned life and career path with new growth and movement
  • Greater self-knowledge, self-confidence and authentic self-expression
  • More time, energy and space to enjoy your life, family and career
  • Increased clarity, vision and focus
  • Faster, more effective and more confident decision making
  • Improved leadership skills, presence, and personal and professional relationships
  • More time for strategic visioning and planning
  • More power, impact and influence at home, at work and in the world
  • Spiritual/ Inner Wisdom connection, fulfillment and fun
  • Better, and more sustainable, health
  • And greater abundance too!

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Consumed-By-Work, Frazzled EVP Transforms into Calm, Confident, Thriving Leader.


“When I called Andrea, my life/work balance was completely out of whack.

I was an EVP of Marketing, two months into a new job, leading a team of 80 through an enormous corporate change.

Work had consumed my life and my self-care was nonexistent. I was inundated daily by an endless list of to-do’s, emails, meetings, politics, personnel challenges, and fire fighting. I felt anxious and unfocused, driven by an inner critic who chanted, “you’ve got to get it all done”.

Working with Andrea, I see so much healthy progress:

  • I’m focused on my vision for the future in both my personal life and professional career – and prioritize accordingly
  • I find regular time for strategic planning at work
  • I’m leading, influencing and staying at the right level with my team – providing the help and direction they need – without getting into the weeds.
  • I’ve built collaborative, supportive, productive relationships with my team, peers, and executive management – even the hard to manage ones.
  • I use mBraining and other techniques I’ve learned from Andrea to connect with my inner wisdom, manage the noise of my inner critic, reduce stress, stay above the “fray” and lead by making powerful “right” decisions
  • I’m leaving work between 6-6:30pm on a regular basis.
  • I’m more committed to exercise, I’m sleeping better, I feel healthier, I am more creative, and for the first time in ages, I even downloaded and read a fictional book!!

If you are wondering about hiring a coach, don’t hesitate. No matter where you are or what you need – working on yourself is worth it. And doing the work with Andrea is definitely worth it.

Andrea has the skills, credibility, insight and care to help you – even if you think you’re doing great. She is a constant, caring and compassionate touch point. An invaluable resource and trusted advisor who helps you pause, see your life and move forward in a positive, productive and intentional way. It’s a process, so give yourself that time and space to grow and develop. You‘re worth it.”

David H Dancer, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Teleflora

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”

– Richard Branson

I’ve coached and advised hundreds of private and corporate clients – high potential organizational executives, leaders and individual contributors – who live and lead in fast moving, high tech, metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Portland and New York. (You can visit my official bio page here.)

While some leading edge organizations do offer development programs and perks to their leaders, it’s not their job to manage your career and sustain your energy – it’s yours.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Just like professional athletes work with a coach to maximize their potential, productivity and performance “on the job”, you too deserve to work with a qualified and experienced executive coach who can help you THRIVE in your life AND career.

What I offer in Thriving Leader is not cookie cutter, it’s personalized to you. And it includes a unique, cutting edge “multiple brain” approach, backed by the science of mBraining – a tool that helps you learn how to lead with your heart, head, and gut. And, yes, you really need to engage all 3 to thrive.

In Thriving Leader programs
you will receive:

In-Depth Assessment and Action Planning – Our work together will help you identify and clarify:
. .• Your innate strengths, passions and interests
. .• Clear goals and objectives aligned to who you are, the life you want to live and where you want to go
. .• Soft skill development to identify and develop skills that will best help you grow to your next level of leadership
. .• Next action steps to confidently get you to where you want to be in your life and career

Mastering The Inner Game of Leadership Toolbox – You’ll learn and use cutting edge tools to help you access your inner wisdom and harness the intelligence of your “multiple brains” (heart, head and gut) for more powerful decision-making, aligned purposeful action taking, greater calm and ease and the ability to lead with impact and influence from a place of deeply connected and integrated self-knowing.

Sustainable Self Care Practice – You’ll create and implement a “tailored-to-you” self-care practice that nourishes, nurtures and sustains you to be at your very best. Your practice can include: ensuring adequate rest, recharging, health, nutrition, movement, digital detoxing and whatever else uniquely constitutes self-care for you and maximizes your well-being and performance. (Hot tip: join the Thriving Leader Community and receive Self Care Spark – a leadership tool designed to help you activate your sustainable self-care practice today!)

Ongoing Coaching and Support – You’ll receive tailored-to-you virtual coaching sessions over a 1-6 month period (duration depends on your program) and just the right amount of “homework” to help you grow. Between sessions you will receive email, urgent call and energy support as well.

The Soul Cycles Annual Planner: You’ll receive a personalized annual goal planning system that teaches you how to harmonize and grow with the natural cycles and energies of life throughout the year. This will help you plant and tend to your “dream seeds” with intention and harvest your results in an organic, “unique-to-you” way.

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Stressed-to-the-Max Director, Blossoms into Balanced, High Potential, Thriving Leader.


“I came to Andrea at 50 years old and at my wit’s end. I was in a new leadership role, feeling like a fraud and feeling like I was in way over my head.

The first time we spoke to explore coaching, I cried tears of pure relief…she didn’t think I was crazy and I realized that my anxiety wasn’t just about my work – but about my life. My life was utterly out of balance. I’d been taking care of everything and everyone else – just not myself.

Through working with Andrea, I’ve gone from a Director leading 3 others to a Senior Director leading a team of 30, my salary has increased over 50% and I’ve been identified as a high potential leader in my organization. Most importantly – I have balance and confidence now – which is everything to me.

Andrea and I have never met in person – all of our work is over the phone. Coaching remotely has absolutely no bearing on how much Andrea helps me and how much I value her and our work together.

The gifts Andrea has to offer reach you wherever you’re at in whatever stage you’re at. I waited five years and until I was at my wits end before I reached out to Andrea. Don’t wait like I did! Contact her today!”

Barbara Sullivan, Senior Director Business
Operations, Automotive / Mass Media Industry

Helping you grow and thrive is why I do what I do. I put my full heart, mind, body and soul into my work and the leaders I work with. Because of this, I limit my work with Thriving Leaders to a select group of smart, fun, growth oriented leaders and private clients.

Because I am committed to helping leaders like you make wise and powerful decisions, and to ensure that there is mutual alignment with everyone I work with, I invite you – if you feel a yes deep inside – to apply for a Let’s Get Growing! Discovery Session – a gift from me to you.

In this deeply transformative session you will experience the benefits of coaching and gain personal insights, high-level feedback, next action steps and a customized program designed to help you thrive in your life and career.

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“Andrea helped me tremendously in my Let’s Get Growing! Session.  I was stuck in my thinking and at a place in my leadership career where I needed to make some tough decisions.  Our coaching conversation and the action steps she gave helped me have a breakthrough and move forward in an exciting new way.  In just one session! Thank you Andrea!”

Cheryl Wolfe, Executive Director, Real Estate Firm


Through Thriving Leader, I offer you the WHOLE development package, not just the skill-based and performance development aspects of your role as identified by your company (which is often where organizations stop in their leadership development and support programs).

Instead this is a process that also includes your personal career and life aspirations, your innate leadership super powers, your inner wisdom and guidance and the self-care structures and mindfulness practices that will help nourish, nurture and sustain your wellbeing and performance – all so that you can be and feel your very best and grow and evolve the career you dream of in harmony with the life you desire.

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