Soul Cycles 2022  VIP Executive Soul Coaching & Mentorship Packages

VIP Soul Cycles Whole Vibrant Soul

This one year VIP Soul Cycles coaching program will take you on a delicious round trip of your annual growth cycle, your Soul Cycle.  From dreaming up seeds to harvesting fruits, you’ll be guided intuitively, practically and energetically “house by house” as you grow according to your own unique blueprint.  You will leverage natural energies; take inspired actions; realize dreams, and grow and evolve your vibrant Soul.

Soul Cycles Personal Holidays

Your Soul Cycle includes 4 Personal Holidays to celebrate and honor your growth throughout the year. Each Holiday is energetically unique and begins a new quadrant of growth of your Soul Cycle.  On your Resurrection Day, Heritage Day, Sharing Day and Harvest Day we will meet virtually to celebrate, deepen and acknowledge your growth (or as some would like to say….party!).  

To apply, contact andrea(at)andreabauer(dot)com.

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