Are You Here?

Are you truly here? Right now. With me. 100% focused? 100% present? 100% aware? 100% curious? 100% ready to learn and grow?

Or are you somewhere else? Like in the future mentally preparing for your next meeting, or back in the past in a conversation you recently had with your boss. Or perhaps you’re worrying about your kids, your relationships, your career, your health, your parents… or whatever else it is that keeps you up at night. That keeps you from being fully present, in this moment, right here, right now.

If you’re not fully here………… stop everything, right now………… and…………


That’s right. Right now. Bring of all your awareness and attention, all of your focus, to your body. To your breath. And

  1. Take a nice deep conscious and slow breath in… filling your lungs all the way from the very bottom to the very top… and then slowly breathe out. Nice and slow. All the way out
  2. Take a second nice slow deep breath in, from the very bottom of your lungs to the very top, pausing gently at the top… and then exhale. Nice and easy. Releasing, as you exhale anything that doesn’t serve you. You don’t even have to know what you’re releasing… your intention alone is enough. You might release old thoughts, old ways of being, old beliefs, entire belief systems
  3. Take one more deep and slow breath in, and as you exhale drop your shoulders, relax the muscles in your face, your eyes, your brain, your body, and arrive fully here and now. Present, and in this moment.

Then scan your mind, emotions and body with you inner awareness. What do you notice?


Don’t get me wrong. If you’re not here 100%. You’re not alone. Truthfully, I’m not always “here”. Being “here” takes work. It takes awareness. It takes learning. It takes presence and it takes continuous practice. A lifetime of practice.

But then, this is why you’re here, reading this post. Isn’t it?

You know deep down inside that this is where you want to be. Present. In the moment. In your full power. On your leading edge. Because something inside you is calling you. Remember? Calling you to be here. To be here now. To be YOU. Now. To come fully out. Into the light of day. To come out and play. To shine bright.

To lead, be and do your life your very own unique, aligned and wildly successful way. All from a place of deeply connected wisdom and knowing.

You want to be here – in fact – you crave being here.

And one of the best ways I know to being here now – fully present and in your power – is to stop, pause, and take a breath.


If stopping and taking a Breathing Break is hard for you, remember, you are not alone. There are so many shiny distractions and interruptions vying for your attention all day long. (Trust me I know – my life and work are full of them too.)

So if you need help bringing yourself into the present. If you need help taking a breathing break, and if you haven’t download your TLC Virtual Gift bag yet and joined the Thriving Leader Community, click here to do so now.

WHY? Because included in your TLC Virtual gift bag is the 6 minute Breathing Break audio meditation (that’s right just 6 minutes) designed to help you quickly return to center so that you can move forward in your day in a more aligned, powerful and present way.

And really, there’s nothing better than leading from this place.

Happy Breathing & Leading!


P.S. If you’re ready for new growth in your life and career and would like to go even deeper, I invite you to apply for a Let’ Get Growing! Discovery Session – a gift from me to you. Private clients click here. Corporate clients click here.

Then stay tuned my Thriving Leaders. Stay tuned for more juiciness and living, leading and thriving to come!

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